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Web design

Welcome to Web design

2) Web page editors works on a ____ principle. -5Marks

3) Which program is used by web clients to view the web pages?-5Marks

4) What is the name of the location address of the hypertext documents?-5Marks

5) What are shared on the Internet and are called as Web pages?-5Marks

7) Which tag is used to display text in title bar of a web document?-5Marks

9) The language that instructs the browser on how to display the hypertext, and adds pictures to the document is __-5Marks

10) Which tag is used to identify the keywords describing the site?-5Marks

11) To make your website mobile friendly, you can make your website-5Marks

13) Which of the programming languages is used to create dynamic Web pages?-5Marks

19) Which of the following statements is false-5Marks